Coral engraving with traditional cameo engraving

Incisione a cammeo del corallo
As we have seen in the article dedicated to cameo engraving, when using this terminology we do not refer only to the processing of the shell, as is common opinion, but to a real processing and engraving technique, which can be made on many different materials, which we will analyze together.

Coral engraving

One of the most common cameo workings or perhaps the one that most easily comes to mind is the coral cameo engraving, a precious material that is closely linked to the shell cameo in its history, especially in the local history of Torre del Greco, and which due to its shape is very simple to work with and allows you to create real miniature sculptures.
Coral processing, and in particular its engraving, requires an increasingly rare professionalism.
Today there are still some artisans who pass on this splendid technique of working and engraving from father to son and which is jealously guarded and preserved.
By engraving coral, it is possible to obtain artifacts with the most diverse shapes. As with the shell cameo, also in the case of coral it can be said that its shape is included in the material, because the different shapes are made starting from the conformation of the coral branch to be worked.
This is why it will never be possible to obtain identical products deriving from the coral cameo engraving. Coral cameo engraving is obtained exclusively through the use of saws, abrasive wheels and files, moved by the hand of the craftsman, strictly excluding any method of mass production.
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