Coral in jewelry and coral reefs

Coral in jewelry and coral reefs Coral, jewels and coral reefs bring with them many curiosities. It is important to point out that the coral used in jewelery, for making jewery and accessories, does not derive from coral reefs at risk of extinction. Handcrafted and non-polluting coral work involves the use of deep corals, not at risk of extinction, but let's see some interesting facts about coral and coral reefs.
Coral reefs, a true artpiece of nature, an invaluable source of natural coral, with which we have always created our jewels. There are many curiosities about coral and coral reefs, some of which we are sure will surprise you.
Coral is an animal.
Although it is commonly thought that coral is a plant, it is actually an animal. It is composed of colonies of polyps and extends its tentacles at night when it feeds. Nevertheless, coral needs a lot of sun to grow, which is why it is found at various depths, but never too deep. Each colony is made up of thousands of polyps, which over time release their exoskeleton in calcium carbonate, which then forms the coral reef.
The extension of barriers
The coral reefs present in the oceans are as extensive as France and are also visible from Space. The Great Barrier Reef is almost equal to half the surface of Texas.
Coral in medicine
Some painkillers and cancer medicines are extracted from coral reefs. It is by studying coral reefs that researchers have identified the proteins that attack cancer cells.
Environmental Protection
In addition, coral reefs play a fundamental role in protecting the environment and nature in general. First of all, they protect shallow waters from the open sea, creating the ideal and safe habitat for many types of fish and rare plants and creating the perfect place to lay eggs, preventing attacks by predators.
The coral reefs also make the sea surface more stable, thus preventing and limiting the erosion of the coasts.
Finally, the coral reefs purify the water, ensuring better water quality, acting as a real filter, which helps to make the area cleaner.
There are so many qualities and functions performed by coral and coral reefs at all depths. The coral in addition to having a special charm, is really essential in nature. This is why our company has always promoted and committed itself, thanks also to the important role played by the Assocoral, so that the trawling of coral, which included the collection of the material with huge nets, was made illegal and abolished. no attention and selection of the branches, generating destruction and irreparable damage to the entire system.

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