Traditional cameo engraving


Incisione a cammeo

Traditional cameo engraving
When we talk about cameo engraving, we immediately associate the idea of ​​the cameo, the jewel obtained by the engraving of a shell or a layered stone. In reality, the cameo engraving includes all the processes that consist of engraving a woma...

Agate cameos and shell cameos: what differences


Agata Cameo

Centuries of history are enclosed behind the history of the cameo. We have traced it from the remains of the ancient ruins of the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
The cameo is, therefore, an art that comes from far away and has its roots in a classic tradition that still today represents the ...

How to match cameos


how to match jewelry and cameos

How to match jewelry with cameo
The cameos are back in the limelight. In recent years, cameos are becoming an increasingly ostentatious and sought after accessory, even by celebrities. Although when you think of a cameo, a jewel of the past comes to mind, an elegant accessory to be re...

Coral in jewelry and coral reefs


Coral in jewelry and coral reefs

Coral, jewels and coral reefs bring with them many curiosities. It is important to point out that the coral used in jewelery, for making jewery and accessories, does not derive from coral reefs at risk of extinction. Handcrafted and non-polluting coral work involves the use of deep corals, not at ri...

How to choose coral jewelry


Coral cocktail ring

In summer it is not uncommon to see coral jewelery worn or on display in jewelers, especially in the sea areas. Coral jewels are the perfect accessory to highlight the tan and enrich any summer outfit. After all, coral has always been considered the stone of summer. In addition to the classic strand...

Folk jewelry and raw coral


Coral earring

Raw coral is often used to make folk-inspired jewels, very popular this spring. Folk jewels mix the bohemian style and the hippie style, giving rise to perfect creations to be worn every day. The Coachella festival is known to be a veritable riot of folk-inspired clothing and jewelry. Shirts, dresse...