How to match cameos

how to match jewelry and cameos How to match jewelry with cameo
The cameos are back in the limelight. In recent years, cameos are becoming an increasingly ostentatious and sought after accessory, even by celebrities. Although when you think of a cameo, a jewel of the past comes to mind, an elegant accessory to be rediscovered in family jewelry boxes, today cameos have been reinvented and the most common and romantic representations are alternated with unusual and original personalizations and designs. Not infrequently requests also come to our company for the creation of custom cameos, taking dancers, company logos or other important symbols for the recipient of the cameo.
A must have to be fashionable
Thanks to the infinite realization of designs and decorations on shell or agate, the cameos are extremely versatile and can be used to make brooches, pendants, earrings, bracelets or embellish other accessories, in a slightly more unexpected way. Thanks also to the attention of numerous American models, actresses and singers, today a cameo brooch can be pinned on a simple wool hat or to embellish bags and backpacks with an unusual touch. On the main fashion catwalks cameos were also used on shoes and cleavage.
Accessories with cameos
Cameos can also be used to stop a bun or to give a ponytail a touch of glamor. A very modern and appreciated combination even by the younger ones is the combination of several cameo pins on the lapels of coats and jackets. Cameos are destined to become a must have in the jewelry box of all women, of any age! For the creation of a personalized cameo, contact us and together we will evaluate the feasibility of the design.

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